Who does your Mainstreet serve? Could it be better?

For decades, car-centered planning has shifted commercial activity to the outskirts of town, leaving people few options for mobility and communities without a natural hub.

The challenges of our time demand a level of creativity, entrepreneurship and collaboration that is above and beyond business as usual. If we always do what we’ve always done, then we’ll always get what we’ve always got. A thriving street can only be the outcome of a process that itself expresses the energy and vitality of the community.

The projects that emerge from this process are a simple, often low-cost way for people to showcase their ideas for a better mainstreet. The projects reflect the community’s identity, fostering a strong sense of belonging and positive change. This process will explore new ways of working to balance modes of transportation and plan for healthy, sustainable places that reweave our community fabric. Let’s start learning by trying.

Our vision for Mainstreets

  • Compelling public space that reflects and strengthens the identity of the community
  • Safe, welcoming and accessible to all users
  • Balanced multi-modal mobility with a priority given to pedestrians, cyclists and public transportation
  • The foundation of a thriving local economy

We want to support communities in developing and achieving their own vision of a healthy and sustainable neighbourhood and Mainstreet. Through identifying and accessing the land, buildings, existing resources opportunities and assets, a community is enabled to take more control of their future.

Real, lasting change on the ground only happens when people take ownership of an issue where they live, work together to find practical solutions and become the agents of change in their local community